Youth motivational speaker David Flood has been speaking with and helping teens and young adults for over 20 years. He teaches teens through the telling of his own very personal stories about his family in the past and present. 

At David’s student assembly programs he uses simple examples that students can relate to in order to show them how to improve their lives and how to have a profound impact on those around them.  David will reinforce any social and emotional learning (SEL) that your school is already providing.  He believes in proactive emotional literacy to encourage dignity and respect throughout the building. It is for this reason that he has spoken hundreds of times at middle schools, high schools, leadership conferences, parent workshops, and professional development days for teachers. 

He’s been a featured speaker at middle school assemblies, high school assemblies, and teacher/counselor conferences throughout the country and established himself as a national youth motivational speaker that students connect with on an emotional level.



“I personally watched him help 5 students individually with their struggles at home. And that was just during his informal walks through the building.” -Chris Carriere HS Health Teacher

“When Mr Flood shared his story about growing up you could see the kids thinking, their wheels were turning, and many kids were saying to themselves I have a similar situation that I can relate with him. He really connected with all the students.” -Elyse Pellicano Counselor

“Mr. Flood delivered a powerful and touching assembly for our students.” -Michael Caravello, High School Teacher

“Working with Mr. Flood was a pleasure from start to finish.” -Elizabeth Hine, Assistant Principal

“I would highly recommend Mr. Flood for any high school. His story is truly compelling and he has a great message for students. He helped me tremendously.” – Pablo, High School Senior

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After speaking in so many schools these past few months a theme has been recurring.  It is not a new theme.  Every school I am in tells me the same thing.  The kids are great one on one, but when they get around their friends or groups they change.  Of […]

February 16th, 2017|

I don’t do well with controversy.  Perhaps because there was quite a bit of “controversy” in the house that I grew up in.  But I do rely on the skills I learned growing up, to be a peacemaker and to try and bring people together.

January 30th, 2017|