It has been awhile since I wrote something for those of you who work with kids.  Being a youth motivational speaker who has visited over 600 schools across the country has taught me many things about our children.  As most of you know students have become addicted to social media and screen time.  This has lead to an inability to connect with others in person.  In my experience children have lost the ability to look people in the eye and shake hands.  Handshaking may disappear forever because of this virus!  During my school presentations I talk about loneliness being toxic.  This social isolation that has been forced on us, for our own well-being, is affecting many people in adverse ways.  I would encourage you, in fact I am imploring you, to have your children/students reach out to someone they know may be isolating and slipping into sadness and depression.  It does not take long for this to happen.  It takes even less time to make a call or send a text to check on the mental health of others.  Certainly it is ok to be alone.  It is not healthy to stay in loneliness though.  The progression from being alone, to being lonely, to being sad, to depression can happen quite rapidly.  Let us make a commitment to ourselves and others to NOT lose anyone during this crisis because of isolation.  We do have some control during these dark days.  That control lies within us.  That control is our innate desire to connect with our fellow human beings.  God implanted that in us at our birth.  Listen to your conscience.  Think of others who are forgotten.  Let them NOT be forgotten.  I am asking you with all my heart to think of others first.  Your life is not about you.  Your life can be sourced from those around you that you can teach, touch, impact, and influence.  Love can save a life.  Love someone today.  Right now.  Love someone.  Answer the call…make the call!