I am a member of the Drug and Alcohol Task Force in my town.  At our monthly meeting last week we were beginning to wrap up the meeting after we had covered all of our agenda topics.  As we were about to close one our members, a wonderful a caring man named Rob, spoke up and asked a great question.  He asked the question “What other message and what else can we do for our children besides what we are doing already?  What else should we be talking about?”  I and one of the other members there both replied the same thing.  We both said almost at the same time…loneliness!  We should be talking about loneliness.  We should be talking about the disconnect that teens today have.  We should be talking about helping them to connect with people and not things.  We should be helping them connect with other kids and no computers, or tablets, or any other electronic device that draws them in for hours upon hours.  We should be talking about eye contact.  We should be talking about relationships.  We should be talking about taking someone by the hand, or putting your hand on their shoulder and saying “Are you ok?”  We should be helping foster these connections.  The meeting ended on a wonderful note and we now had a topic that will keep us energized for the near future.  So I would put the question to you.  Are you talking to kids about their loneliness?  Are you teaching your children to help others who struggle wth loneliness?  I do not have to tell you where loneliness and disconnection lead.  We all know where the path ends.  We are all in this life together.  So lets do this together.  Reconnect with your children and help them reconnect with others.  Love.