David Flood’s Youth Motivational Programs benefit from his experience as a hospice volunteer and work with special needs children, including his son. These two things enable him to speak about human dignity and respect like no other youth motivational speaker in the industry. He is a highly skilled youth speaker; capturing the children’s attention with appropriate humor, identifying the issues that they are dealing with, and guiding them through both ways to address a situation that they find themselves in, or see another person experiencing.

Whether David is speaking to middle school students or high school students, his humor and stories are age appropriate. He understands how to relate to students on their level, regardless of their age or social status.

David’s middle and high school assemblies focus on teen attitudes and the choices that they make everyday. David connects with his audiences on an emotional level and there is always a line of students waiting to speak with him when he finishes. Both students in middle school and high school who attend his assembly program find something in his story that they can relate to. His message covers: dignity, respect, compassion, character, attitude, tolerance, understanding, leadership, and core values.

David feels to be a leader you need not avoid situations, but rather address it, whether it is happening to you or someone else. He reinforces this approach by giving the students social assignments and challenges. Schools are then given the choice of having him follow up with the students in the lunchroom and classrooms later in the day or with a short video message a few days after his assembly. His unique program works with both middle school and high school students challenging them as they progress through these formative years. It is a program that addresses the issues each student in each grade is dealing with, refocusing them on the importance of dignity, respect, and compassion. Students will leave with a “call to action”….to reach, to respect, and to do.

3 Concepts Students Will Come Away With:

  • We are all alike, on the inside.

  • Show respect for adults, especially teachers.

  • No one eats alone, meet someone new today.
The Lost Arts of Dignity Respect and Compassion by David Flood

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Drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and mental health issues are destroying children’s lives. As an experienced youth motivational speaker, David feels the best approach for children is to speak to them about awareness, prevention, and healthy choices.

David Flood’s youth motivational programs are extremely emotional as he has experienced first hand the devastation of both addiction and suicide. He reinforces and reminds children who they are and that they can make a difference. He creates a strong identification with the students when he speaks about his challenges during his early teen and high school years. During his school assemblies David gives the students tools that they can use when they are confronted with peer pressure. He also teaches them to “fill the gap” that most of them are not aware of. He makes himself available to all students by spending the day at the school visiting lunch periods, classrooms, and the counseling center for any students that are struggling.

Bringing David to your middle school or high school for your next student assembly will teach your students how to overcome difficulties and turn what most people would consider burdens into gifts. David has the ability to reframe students’ perceptions. He often meets with SADD groups and other leadership organizations in schools to help continue his message of healthy choices after he leaves.

David is one of the top youth motivational speakers in the industry and he believes that students can never hear the message too often that they are important, they are loved, and that there are people that can help them.

3 Concepts Students Will Come Away With:

  • Your decisions now will affect your future.

  • Find someone you can trust and talk to.

  • Help yourself through helping others.


  • 24% of 8th graders say they have used alcohol in the last 30 days.
  • More than 100,000 12-13 year olds binge drink every month.
  • 9th graders who drink or use drugs are twice as likely to attempt suicide as those who don’t.
  • 40% of children who begin drinking or taking drugs before the age of 15 will become addicted.
  • 10% of 12 year olds smoked pot for the 1st time today.
  • 25% of 16 year olds drank last weekend.
  • 10% of teens got into a car with a drunk driver recently.
  • The CDC has reported that 17% of high school students have seriously considered suicide, and 8% have attempted to kill themselves more than once.


Staying away from alcohol & drugs means you must do these things:

  • Make a commitment
  • Make a call
  • Make a move
  • Make a statement
  • Make a friend


Raising a child with autism, David has been a first hand witness to the impact that other adults continue to have on his son. He feels that adult connections and mentorship in schools are one of the most integral parts of improving school climate and culture. Kids do not always connect with each other and may need the help of an adult, other than their parent or guardian, to foster those connections. David’s adult presentations will teach staff how to bring kids from a place separate and superior to connected and compassionate. Like all of us he is acutely aware, through his own life and the life of his son, that we all have to go through struggles in life to grow.   When it comes to kids he knows that all adults can do a better job of helping young people navigate the rough waters of life. Not going through teen problems for them but going through it with them.

David’s adult presentation will be intermixed with personal stories like all his talks. It will also have fact based alarming statistics about this generation and how disconnected they are. He recommends books from multiple authors as resources for attendees. He will also give people his 10 Ways to Connect with Kids. Using just a few of these connection ideas any adult can help the students that they come into contact with to flourish in school and life.

4 Concepts Adults Will Come Away With:

  • What’s on the inside of your students.

  • Breakthrough with one kid.

  • Teach kids how to show up…by showing them.

  • 10 practical ways to connect with young people in your life.

adult and teacher motivational speaker

“David’s PD models for teachers by training them how to speak more appropriately and interact with students in a better way. It also improves teachers’ social skills and interpersonal interactions through modeling and redirecting. His topic focuses on treating all people with dignity and respect especially those with special needs.” Dr. Tani Foger Ed.D Principal