A few weeks ago I asked a question on social media.  What do kids need now most of all?  I wanted to provoke thought for people of how they can support kids through the isolation of this crazy time we are in.  I asked the question before a police officer knelt on another man’s neck for nine minutes, suffocated him, and killed him.  Of course, we all had the opportunity to view the video of this.  I hope younger kids were not exposed to this brutal act of violence towards another human being.  We have all become desensitized in the video age but I hope at least we can protect our kids even a little bit. The answers that people sent back were wonderful and they were about what I expected.  Put into context, any and all of these answers can be applied to our treatment of our fellow man and woman.

The answers are listed below in no particular order.  Some were one word and some were sentences.  I have not edited any of the answers.

To know that everything is going to be ok.


To know that their school cares about them and this will change their world for the better. Their generation will be stronger, smarter, more accountable, and less entitled than the previous.

To understand that it is ok to “not” be ok.

To be taught how to handle their emotions.  That emotions are healthy.  Emotional intelligence should be part of the curriculum.

They need someone who strives to understand and then helps them to move through what they are feeling.

Love, support, safety.

Stability and security.




Empathy, kindness, and patience.


Safety and security.


Acceptance and support.

Parents support.

A soft spot to land.


Parents to read to them.




I hope that this list gives you pause.  I know that it made me think of other words and ways to help kids and adults.  We take many things for granted.  At least I know that I do.  As I work on searching within myself for ways that I can be better I hope that you would join me on this journey. Look within yourself the answers are there just as they always have been and will be.


BTW The people in the picture with me are Jessie Funk and A’ric Jackson. I selected it for this post because they embody every one of these needs for kids.  I have personally watched them help kids in every way that I mentioned.  I love them both. These two people have a passion for helping kids that continues to inspire me every day.

With gratitude.