Last week a teacher reached out to me about her students.  She was having trouble connecting with them and engaging them through virtual learning platforms.  She is a teacher of hearing impaired students.  After I read her note all I could think of was “write to them”.  Don’t write them an email.  Don’t write them a text.  Write to them.  Put a pen to paper.  Send them a hand written letter.  So I asked her, rhetorically; when was the last time you think any of your students received a letter in the mail?  She wrote back to me “oh my God I never thought of that!”  She happened to be sending out greeting cards to her family at that time.

I love getting letters.  Does anyone even write letters anymore?  Maybe we could save the post office.  I have been a youth motivational speaker for 10 years and have spoken in hundreds of schools.  I always talk about kindness and connection.  Letter writing embodies both of these things. My challenge to you and your students.  Write to someone.  Put a pen to paper and write someone a letter.  When you write a letter it tells someone in no uncertain terms that they matter.  A letter is like a hug from afar.  A letter is a virtual hug.  Couldn’t we all use one of those right now?  Pick up a pen, put it on paper, and write to someone. The only person happier than you after you drop it in your mailbox will be the person who opens their mailbox and finds a letter…from you!