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Daily Thought

Your purpose in life has very little to do with the thoughts that occupy your mind on a daily basis.  These thoughts are blocking you from hearing your spirit, God, higher power, Bob or Bernice (it doesn't matter what you call it), and the message that is coming to you.  Unblock yourself by becoming a [...]

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Daily Thought

Three tips I would give to high school graduates. Don't let it take 50 years to listen to your soul about what you want to "be" in your life on earth.  Just "be" it. Who do you need to thank for helping you get this far? Stay close to God.  It doesn't matter where or [...]

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Daily Thought

What is the first thing that you do when you wake up in the morning?  Check your phone correct?  I am changing a habit.  My phone does not get turned on until I have read for 1 hour.  I read something spiritual or educational every day.  I need to retrain my brain.  And you all [...]

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