There are lots of ways to clear your head.  Meditation is the first one that comes to mind for me.  Prayer also works for me and I hope it does for you as well.  Talking through a problem or situation with someone else can also give us great clarity.  I am going to write about something that has completely opened my mind and given me clarity…fasting.

As I write this I am 4 days into a fast.  I have had only water and coffee over the past 96 hours and boy is my head clear.  This is not my first fast.  I have fasted for as long as 8 days and it was wonderful.  Fasting may not be for everyone.  It is not easy.  Hunger pangs and pains come and go.  Most of them are in the first 48 hours, for me anyway.

But I remember speaking with my aunt many years ago about fasting and how clear our thoughts become because our brains are not always sending signals to process/digest food or worrying about our next meal.  As a youth speaker, I never eat right before I speak.  I am not in any way a health guru or nutritionist and as I said earlier fasting may not be for everyone.  But if you are home and do not have to travel and expend a great deal of energy your mind will clear and your thoughts may break their bonds as the Hindu Sage Patanjali said.  Clear your mind any way you can and your mind will take you where you need to go.